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A Brief Introduction to our Association                   Updated Date: Wednesday, 30 August, 2006 23:15    

 A New Introduction:
Master Wang xi-an taught Taichi (vcd) 
Taichi at night

Short movies about Chen Jia Gou Taichi in actual combat (six seals and four closings)(vcd)

New Classes in Hong kong in Sep
New Classes in Kowloon in Sep

Short movies about hand pushing champion Wang Zhan Jun (the son of Wang Xi An) in actual combat (vcd)

KongFu 2005

Chen style sword demonstration by Hugo(mov)

Chen style taiji by masters wang xi-an(mov)

QingCheng master (mov)

ChunPo taiji (mov)

YingYe taiji (mov)

The boys' KongFu (mov)

Yang style taiji sword  (mov)

Kick off of healt web www.health.org.hk (26/11/2005)

Master Wang xi-an taught push-hand (vcd) 

Chen Style Tai chi Chun Qiu (Spring & Autumn) Broadsword by Hugo Lam(vcd)


Master Wang xi-an visited Hong Kong (1/5/05)

Master Wang xi-an taught Taichi (vcd) 



 Taichi is really a genuine kungfu

(A special visit by “the Apple Daily” on 23 December, 2004)



The demonstration of Taiji  (11/4/04)


Kung Fu – 2004 “the Gathering of Masters of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts” held by our Association (vcd)


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 Venue of Classes: Community Hall of Kowloon Walled City Kai Fong Welfare Continuing Promotion Association

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