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The King of International Taiji Boxing

(The champion of hand pushing competition held for the first time in China)

Wang xi An's Taiji Website


   Wang Xi An, who was born in Chen Jia Gou, a village of Wen County of He Nan Province, is the 19th generation inheritor of Chen style Taiji. He is also one of the four great guardian warriors of Chen style Taiji. In his childhood he learned Taiji, first from the 18th generation inheritor Master Chen Zhao Pi, and then from the 18th generation inheritor Master Chen Zhao Kui. From the former he learned the old frame routine as well as the related weapons exercises, while from the latter, he learned the new frame routine and the single forms of wrestling and catching technique. His kungfu has the characteristics of being as fast as lightning, as fierce as a tiger and as agile as a monkey. The routine he demonstrated is out-stretched and open, which is perfect in both the external movements and the internal spirit.


   In 1982, as the representative of He Nan Provincial team, he won the the title of champion of hand pushing competition held for the first time in China. Later in the same year, he paid a visit to Japan for the first time in the name of the principal of Chen Jia Gou Taiji Boxing Martial Arts School. He was especially invited to the royal palace to be the guest of His Royal Highness, the younger brother of the Emperor of Japan. In 1986, he was again invited to Japan to give lectures in Tokyo, Osaka and other cities. As his lectures and demonstrations were greatly appreciated by the public, the Mayor of Osaka presented him as a gift a gold key as well as a title of the “Honorary Citizen of Osaka”. Then in 1989, he went to France for the first time, where the former Prime Minister of France Jacques had an interview with him.


   Since 1982 onward, he has been invited to Japan, France and many other countries in Asia, Europe and America. Everywhere in the world, he set up, in his own name, many Taiji boxing research institutes and training centers. What he did gave a stir in the world. As a result, he was then entitled “the King of International Taiji Boxing” by the American “South US News”.


   He is now having the following titles and posts: the National Martial Arts Senior Coach, the National Grade One Judge, the principal of China Chen Jia Gou Martial Arts Institute, the Deputy Director and the Head Coach of Taiji Training Center of the Department of Physical Education of He Nan University, and the honorary professor of He Nan Normal University.


   He has been the honorary president of our Association since he took the office in 2001. More than once in the past, he took part in the joint performances presented by our Association. And at the same time, he gave lectures to our members.


   In 2002, he was invited to give kungfu demonstration in the “Gathering of the Masters of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts” held in Wong Tai Sin Rising Dragon Market. The demonstrations in the gathering were widely reported by the public media and won the appraisal of about thirteen thousand citizens attending on this grand occasion of Hong Kong martial arts circles.



Kung Fu – 2004 “the Gathering of Masters of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts” held by our Association

 Grand Master Wang Xi-an was born in 1944, in Chen Jia Gou Village of Wen County, He Nan Province, China. He is one of the best disciples of the 18th generation Chen Style Taiji successors, the great Masters Chen Zhao-pi and Chen Zhao-kui. He is also one of the most notable representatives of the 19th generation successors at the present day.

Grand Master Wang Xi-an holds such important posts as China National High Grade Martial Arts Coach, the Head Coach of Wen County Taijiquan Training Centre, the Vice Secretary-General of Wen County International Taijiquan Research and Competition Institute, the Head Coach and the Head Advisor to Taijiquan Associations in Japan, France, Malaysia, South Korea, Spain, Greece and in most of the provinces in China. He is also the Vice Dean of the Athletics Department of He Nan University, the Honorary Lecturer of He Nan Teachers University and one of the members of the Executive Council of He Nan Province Tourist Association.

So far he has won all-China National Push Hands and Forms Championships on many occasions. Since 1983 onward, he has taught and cultivated many outstanding students, who have obtained hundreds of gold and silver medals in China and in the international Push Hands and Forms Competitions. His second son, Master Wang Zhan-jun, has stood undefeated in the Push Hands Competitions ever since 1993.

Grand Master Wang Xi-an has made several visits to Japan, France, Holland, Switzerland and other countries to pass on his skills and knowledge. He was once invited as an honorary guest by the brother of the Emperor of Japan to visit the Imperial Palace. The Mayor of Osaka, Japan, presented him with a Gold Key to the City and he was entitled an honorary citizen. He was also invited as a guest by Chirac, the President of France. He has published three books, seven or more videos and many articles regarding Chen Style Taijiquan.

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A Brief Introduction to Chen Zheng Lei

Chen Zheng Lei's Taiji Website


   Chen Zheng Lei was born in May of 1949, a native of Chen Jia Gou village in Wen County of He Nan Province. He is now the 11th generation inheritor of the 19th generation of Chen Style Taiji Boxing, the senior coach of the National Martial Arts and one of the members of China Martial Arts Association. His name is published in the book entitled “10 Eminent Masters of Martial Arts” of the contemporary China.


   In his childhood, he started learning Taiji boxing skills, which were passed on in the family only, from the great masters of Taiji boxing of that era, his uncles Chen Zhao Pi and Chen Zhao Kui. Since then he has learned, practiced and taught Taiji for more than 30 years. He has won high admiration both at home and abroad and therefore, he is now called the “King of Taiji Boxing”.


   From 1974 to 1988, he won many titles of champions in the national and international martial arts competitions. From 1989 to 1997, he was both the leader and the coach of the sports teams. He led the teams to take part in the provincial and national martial arts competitions. His teams won the first place in group total scores for 6 times, all-round proficient champion and up to 35 pieces of gold medals.


   In 1972, he started passing on Taiji skills through teaching. He has so far taught more than ten thousand students everywhere in China and in the world. For years in the past and more than once, he has visited Japan, America, Italy , France and over 20 countries in Asia, Europe ad America, where he delivered lectures and passed on Taiji boxing. For this reason, he has won high reputation in the martial arts circles at home and abroad.


   In 2000, at the invitation of Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin District Council, he came to Hong Kong together with 10 great masters of martial arts. They gave kungfu demonstrations in Wong Tai Sin Rising Dragon Market. This great occasion caused a sensation in Hong Kong martial arts circles. It was at that time that he was engaged as the honorary president of our Association.


So far as the theories of bare hand exercises and weapons exercises are concerned, he is of great attainments. His major works and theses include “On 10 Key Training Methods”, “A Collection of Chen Style Taiji Bare Hand Exercises and Weapons Exercises”, “The Way of Chen Style Boxing to Keep in Good Health” and “Chen Jia Gou Taiji Boxing Skills”. All those mentioned above are really the precious information and materials for the followers to learn and study Taiji boxing. The relevant teaching tapes and discs containing this kind of information and materials are available with Japanese, English, Korean and other foreign languages versions published all over the world.


Chen Zheng Lei taiji



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Master Lin Wen Hui, Hugo

Master Lin Wen Hui, the founder and the President of Hong Kong Qi Gong Tai Ji Association, is the twentieth generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Ji boxing as well as the second generation inheritor of Wang Xi An Fist Movements..

    He started learning Tai Ji boxing and other Chinese kung fu from childhood. When he was a student at Guang Zhou Zhong Shan University in 1981, he learned breath control exercises from four renowned senior masters: Luo Pei Jue, Lin Hou Sheng, Sun Da Fa and Lin Hai. And later on, he was admitted to be the disciple by master Zhang Zhan Ming, who was then called Guang Zhou king of Eagle Claws Boxing. Then in 1985, soon after he returned to Hong Kong, he began to teach “Buddha’s Warrior Moving and Motionless Breath Control Exercises” and other kung fu..

   In 2001, he went to Chen Jia Gou village of Wen County in He Nan Province, where he learned Chen style Tai Ji boxing and the related Tai Ji breath control exercises from master Wang Xi An. He was then accepted as the 51th disciple by master Wang Xi An. And meanwhile, he also learned such weapon as Spring and Autumn broad sword from master Chen Zheng Lei.


    In order to inherit and develop the splendid ancient oriental cultural heritage such as the traditional Chinese martial arts and the breath control exercises, he, in 2002, invited the present-day eminent masters of the traditional Chinese martial arts like Wan Xi An, Zhou Meng Yuan and others to give demonstrations in “The Gathering of the Master of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts” held in Wong Dai Sin “Rising Dragon Market”, and thus attracting 130 thousand local citizens to attend the Chinese kung fu carnival. This was really a great event in the martial arts circles in Hong Kong and therefore it was widely reported by the media.

Learn Tai Ji from master Wong Xi An


Our President is learning Chen style double swords from master Chen Zheng Lei

Chen style Tai Ji sword



List of Works Written and Published by Master Lin Wen Hui


1.     “Buddha’s Warrior Moving and Motionless Breath Control Exercises”, a

learning disc with a text book first published in 2003;


2.     “Chen Jia Gou Tai Ji for Keeping Fit”, a learning disc with a text book entitled “The ABC and The Actual Combat of Chen Jia Gou Tai Ji for Keeping Fit to be Learned within 60 Minutes” published in 2004.

      The President and the vice Presidents of our Association presented 71 sets of books about Tai Ji and breath control exercises to Hong Kong Central Library

 Tai Ji (VCD)


 The assistant officer of the Hong Kong Sport and Leisure Department accepted the books given by our Association

     In May 2003, the Shaolin Temple, the Hong Kong All Circles Cultural Promotion Association and our Association took part in the promotional activities of “Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand, Guard Against SARS Epidemic to Keep Fit Day”. Later on, our Association was invited to participate in the activity of “the Initiating Ceremony of the Whole City to Guard Agaist SARS Epidemic Day”(Agaist SARS Epidemic Day). In those activities, our President taught thousands of participants to learn Chen Jia Gou Tai Ji for Keeping Fit in 8 Forms.

 On 31 July, 2003, in Hong Kong Stadium, our President Lin Wen Hui led 12,500 teachers and students of Bao Liang Ju in learning Chen Jia Gou Tai Ji for Keeping Fit in 18 Forms. This great occasion crated a new Guinness’ world record with ten thousand people learning Tai Ji at the same time on the spot. 

                    Tai Ji Life

             Our President Lin Wen Hui led 12,500 teachers and students of Bao Liang Ju in learning Chen Jia Gaou Tai Ji for Keeping Fit in 18 Forms, which has created a new Guinness’ world record with ten thousand people learning Tai Ji at the same time on the spot.

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